Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Making Energy Efficiency Affordable

When was the last time someone offered to pay for your lunch? Your answer is probably not as recent as you would like.  Well, we want to change your answer, so lunch is on us today!  Ok so not literally, but we want to help you reallocate your spending money back to the places that you want to, like going out to lunch or finally going on that vacation you've been planning.  How do we do this you ask? Great question!

We start by lowering your energy bill.  Well actually we start with an energy audit, but then eventually it can help you save up to 40% on energy expenditures.  You are probably thinking, "this is just another sales pitch attempting to convince me to buy something that doesn't actually work". Normally I would agree with you because nobody likes a pushy salesman and gimmicks are everywhere these days, but this is different.

The main difference is our participation in a program that emphasizes saving money in a real and certified way.  Home Performance with Energy Star has partnered with APS and SRP in a program dedicated to save you money on your energy bill by improving your home's energy efficiency.  Our energy business, Arizona Going Green, is a certified contractor for the program, and as 1 of the 31 contractors we can serve as your one stop shop for energy efficiency.

Now you are probably thinking that this doesn't sound like the free lunch we had promised you.  In fact it sounds more like we are asking you to spend money.  Well you caught us. In order to save you money you must spend it first.  Although it is counter-intuitive APS and SRP have created incentives in order to show you that the benefits are not imaginary.  Those incentives come in the form of rebates for specific energy efficient home improvements completed by a certified contractor.

We have put together a list of rebates and how to receive them, but here is the breakdown of how it works.

  1. Have an energy audit performed on your house.
  2. Get building science recommendations for home improvements and choose your projects.
  3. Hire a certified contractor to complete the work.
  4. Ensure savings performance of your finished improvements with an "out" audit.
  5. Enjoy your promised "Free Lunch".
So if you would like a "Free Lunch" on us, we would love the opportunity to earn your business!

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